10 Consultation Questions You Need to Ask Every Client

Provided you have yet to hear this information million times, we will tell this again to you. Consultations are the most important keys which let you make your customers happy and arrange successful appointments. Irrespective of the age of your customer and whether he is new or regular, it is vitally necessary to communicate with him and learn what she looks for and how you will get there. There are 10 most popular questions which should be asked to every customer regardless of his age:

Which type of job do you fulfill?

Are you engaged in many socializing tasks?  

Would be so kind to say some words about your morning rituals?

How big is your experience with styling your hair?

Do you apply styling products or tools?     

What features of your hair do you like?

What have you happened to do with hair that you liked?

What have you happened to do with your hair that you disliked?

What goals do you wish to attain with your hair?

Is it prior for you to maintain your hair length?

Ask yourself what restrictions you face up within the process of cutting hair as a stylist.

Carefully listen to your customer’s words. Repeat them and make sure you understood everything.

It includes learning who your gest is along with his needs and wishes. This is your chance to get information about features, facial shape, lifestyle and hair texture. Let us not include your customer’s age into the consultation. It is necessary to concentrate on learning what your guest is really worried about.  

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