10 Questions about keratin hair treatments answered by a celeb hair stylist

1. Is this the chemical treatment of hair?
No. Brasil Cacau is a keratin treatment that straightens, softens and nourishes the hair with natural elements.

2. Does keratin treatment make hair less voluminous?

Indeed, it removes the excess volume as well as frizz.

3. Does the treatment have an impact on the hair texture and in what way?

It takes away frizz and softens its structure. The straightening procedure still requires the use of straightening iron and blow dryer.

4. Who should use the keratin treatment?

Women who have frizzy, voluminous, and unmanageable hair.

5. Is it safe?

I think so, at least the company ensures that it is totally safe. Its biggest advantage is that it doesn't produce fumes or vapor.

6. What are the risks associated with the treatment?

It involves the same risks as any other hair treatment with products that contain certain chemicals. The hairdresser has to take all necessary safety measures when performing the treatment.

7. What is the cost of treatment?

It depends on the pricing policy of a particular salon. (The average price in New York is $300

8. What is the right “level” of keratin that should be used during treatment?

It depends on the brand and the specific qualities of your hair.

9. What's the difference between this keratin treatment and the Brazilian straightening treatment?

The last one is largely similar to getting a perm, while Keratin works more like a nutritious cover for the hair.

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