10 tips to get the best of your hair everyday

1 - A fine hair shouldn’t be washed with hot running water, because the heat has an impact on the cuticle, of the wire, opening it and cause frizz. Only cold and warm water can be used while washing hair.

2 - When you’re going to wash your hair at home, take the following steps: Use the quantity of shampoo as large as 1 coin, make the message of your wires with the fingertips, then rinse it well and repeat the procedure again.

3 -  Use anti-residue at least once a week. But avoid the use of it together with progressive or dye, because it refines the chemical.

4 - Conditioner must never be used at the root, because it may increase the oiliness of the region.

5 – Wash out the hair conditioner, leave nothing to help the comb a little bit.

6 – Regardless of the fact, whether your hair straight or curly is: use a cream to comb after washing in any case. It’s required to protect the wires and to enrich them with nutrients.

7 – After the previous step starts using the finishers. It’s a fact that a good leave-in finisher is the beauty secret of all celebs. Spread then the finisher with your hands and comb the threads.

8 - Who needs a brush, should use a cream that is termoactive, protects your wires, and have the ingredients that moisturize the hair.

9 – A person with any brightness of hair, may apply the silicone on dry or wet hair. If you want to reduce the dryness of your hair, spread on the leave-in on your tips and then use it. A gloss film will be formed.

10 - The ointment is intended to model the wires, but if your hair is of an oily nature, avoid its use, because it is greasy. Use the cream instead, in order to model hairstyles or silicone, if frizz is the problem.

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