12 Important Tips to Help You Keep Your Customers

In today’s world we have so many different beauty salons, each of which offers its own unique treatments, so being loyal to one beauty salon is extremely hard. Of course, each salon owner knows that sometimes clients just leave without any obvious reason. How can you avoid it and keep your customers? We have some tips!


 - Special offers and discounts. Don’t forget to make some short - time beneficial offers and discounts to your clients. They may be timed to a particular holiday or occasion, for example, the international women’s day discount on procedures for women.


 - Be aware of the new trends and products in the beauty market. You have to keep up with times if you want to offer your clients the latest procedures and products, which another salon may not have.


 - Pay attention to customers’ feedback. If there are any problems at your salon, you’d better know about them straight from your customers, as your stylists may conceal some situations in order not to be punished.


 - Visit your salon more often. It will help you see the real work of your stylists, you will notice who can be lazy, who perform their work accurately and thoroughly. An unexpected visit is a great idea as well. It will show you what is going on at your salon in your absence.


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