2020 is coming! 4 Trends worth paying attention to the hair stylist!

Let's talk about the hair and haircuts that will be trendy in 2020. What hairstyles will be rocked by famous celebrities? Which ones are right for your hair length? Besides, today you will learn about hair dyeing trends. So, let’s start now! We’ll do our best in order to make you the trendiest person of 2020!

The top hair color of 2020 is definitely purple. In addition to purple tones in clothes, you should pay attention to purple shades when dyeing hair.

 There are two more important points:

  - colored hair roots are welcomed in 2020 season;

 - the ombre hair dyeing, when one color transforms into another from the ends to the roots looks no less stylish and trendy.

The trend in natural hair dyeing will be bronding (a mixture of blonde and brunette). Try to be as natural as possible: try out creative hair color with different shades, either blond or brunette. The main thing is that it shouldn’t be just one color. Show your creativity! Let your hair have any highlighted threads or try out some light highlighting.

Pixie haircut remains at the peak of popularity in 2020, as well as all types of haircuts with shoulder length. Among these are a bob, an elongated bob, a shag, a shortened cascade and so much more! There are plenty of haircuts to choose from.

Among the main trends for long hair are hair accessories, such as bobby pins, headbands, hairpins. The most popular hairdo is going to be a bun, especially a little bit messy and shaggy. One more unusual trend: the effect of wet hair, created with the help of hair gel. Use your fantasy!

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