3 Natural Holiday Hairstyles

Summer is the season when every woman wants to be especially beautiful. In today’s article, we will reveal the top-3 natural hairstyles that you can rock either on the beach or anywhere else. Keep on reading if you’re packing your suitcases for a holiday!

1. Ponytails. You can rock so many trendy ponytail options! This hairdo is suitable for all kinds of holiday activities. A high ponytail, low ponytail, one-sided ponytail... Use silk laces, crystal hair bands as accessories that will turn your day hair look into a great hairdo for a night out!

2. Buns. If you prefer very active holidays, for example, somewhere in the mountains or if you prefer water activities, such as wakeboarding, surfing, etc., a bun is the most comfortable hair option for you. You can use colorful hairpins or even hairpins decorated with pearls. A cool idea is to wrap a long lace around your bun and let it hang loose down your spine. This is a perfect look for a romantic dinner on the beach!

3. Braids. If you prefer a relaxed kind of activities, this option is right for you! Choose two French braids just like Kylie Jenner and a bunch of other celebrities do. A single braid is a good option as well. You can make a high ponytail first and then make a braid. It’s the trendiest runway option!

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