3 reasons to choose Brasil Cacau in summer!

Can you feel these warm sun rays that are only getting brighter and hotter? It means that summer is almost here! Have you already thought about your summer haircare? Of course, we love these sun-bleached hues on our hair, but this doesn’t apply to dryness and brittleness! What are the top - 3 reasons for choosing Brasil Cacau as your ultimate summer haircare product? Check out our article!


  1. First of all, the manufacturing country of this keratin system in Brazil, as you may have already guessed. It’s the origin country of the keratin treatment itself, which means the impeccable quality of the Brasil Cacau Hair Straightening System. Besides, Brazil is super sunny and hot all year round, so Brazilians definitely know how to effectively protect hair from sun exposure!


  1. The second important point is the ingredients.


  • Amino acids - Methionine (it’s important for the synthesis of keratin), Glycine (actively involved the formation of new cells). Glycine also belongs to the building materials that make up protein structures.


  • Cocoa butter (contains caffeine, saccharides, minerals, organic acids, cellulose, proteins, fatty acids - all the elements that are necessary for healthy hair).


  • Panthenol - it nourishes hair, softens it, and makes the hair smooth,


  • Hydrolyzed keratin - it’s a protein that is one of the main components of the connective tissue. It is responsible for the structure of the hair.
  1. The duration of the Brasil Cacau effect is up to 4 months! It means that your hair will be protected all summer season and even more!


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