3 reasons why you should be trusted with your hair!

What can your hair say and why should it be trusted? Sometimes it’s enough to properly choose your shampoo, balm, and mask according to your hair type. However, sometimes you need to solve problems that seem to be not related to hair. A question like: “Why my hair started falling out?” may reveal an acute or even chronic illness.

Weakened hair signals that we have to make a change in our lifestyle. The doctor will help you to make up a treatment program. He will recommend shampoos, procedures, vitamins. However, it’s only us who can change our way of life.

 "Tired", thinning hair is only the visible part of the problem. If we go deeper, we will find typical problem areas of a modern woman: pancreas (diabetes), thyroid gland (iodine deficiency), female organs. Plus anemia, all hereditary diseases, and stress, which is the main enemy of our hair.

Along with the treatment prescribed by your doctor, change your diet. Add more protein (meat, fish, eggs, nuts). In addition, strengthen your hair on the outside with our Brasil Cacau Keratin product line. Brasil Cacau is a professional line of products for hair straightening and restoration. Brasil Cacau hair straightening is the most innovative and effective procedure in the sphere of hair restoration. The composition restores and strengthens hair by increasing its strength and elasticity.

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