3 simple ways of inspiring your customers to visit the salon more often

If you want to give your clients a reason to come to your salon more often, then you have to develop a plan for monthly promotions and events. The first step in the introduction of promotions is the choice of service to be promoted or a whole direction for the promotion.
How can you find ideas for promotions to be original and interesting for clients? Here are some ideas for monthly beauty salon promotions:
1. Promotion for a “non-seasonal” service. Look at the sales statistics for all seasons and a year in general. Which services brought you more profit and when? For example, in summer pedicure is one of the most popular services, but in winter almost no one needs it. In the spring, women pay much attention to skincare, in the fall it’s time for hair care procedures such as keratin hair treatment and botox hair treatment. You have to analyze the most popular and the least popular services. Based on this, you can make special offers on services in which your clients aren’t interested much at the moment. The purpose of such a promotion is to sell a service that is not in great demand now!
2. Promotion of the new service or product. Promotion may be a reason to try a new service. It's the same with the new specialist.
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