3 Ways to Prevent Hair Color Fade

Dyed hair is like a disobedient child: immediately after a visit to the hairstylist, the color looks great, no matter what shade you choose, but over time and with each hair wash the color washes off and dulls treacherously, and now it's time to visit your stylist again. Sounds familiar? Keep on reading then! Here we will give 3 tips on how to keep your hair color bright and vivid for long.

1 Choose a mild shampoo for dyed or bleached hair

It‘s no coincidence that cosmetologists created them and called them special shampoos for dyed hair. Such products don’t contain components that wash away coloring pigments. If you don’t want to wake up with dull hair a week or two after dyeing, then reconsider your point of view on the choice of shampoo.

2 Use hair balm

The second important component in the care of dyed hair is the balm. The balm is also able to keep and even restore hair color, keeping it bright. When applying the balm to wet hair, all hair scales are carefully smoothed and coloring particles are preserved inside the hair 

 3 Use special care treatments

Haircare procedures are very important. One of those procedures is keratin treatment. Brasil Cacau is the best keratin straightening and hair restoration procedure, treating the hair with maximum carefulness and providing perfect protection against negative factors. The effect lasts up to 6 months, can you imagine it? 

That’s it, we hope that our tips will help you to keep your hair color bright and shiny!

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