3 ways to transform your salon pricelist into a powerful selling tool

In this article, we are not going to talk about ‘prices’, but rather the price list itself. The price list includes a printed leaflet that you keep in your beauty salon and post on your website and social media.

1. Appearance
Pay attention to the front cover of your price list. We suggest replacing ordinary ‘Price List’ with something more unusual, for example, ‘Price Guide’ or ‘Salon Menu’. You’re selling a pampering, tempting experience – not widgets. Always keep in your mind that you sell not just products or services, but a luring experience.

Besides, such options do not sound so rigid, which allows you being more flexible if it’s necessary to correct a price when a customer is going to pay. It will be much easier to increase the price if you’ve done a little more work only when you have a ‘price guide’ not a fixed ‘list’ price.

2. No complications
Of course, $49.95 looks more pleasant than $49.99 which is now often considered as a corny trick, but still, it’s better to use a round number with no cents i.e. $50.

3. Ideal design
Consult specialists. For example, newspaper publishers place the most interesting information at the top of the right-hand page as they know that readers are likely to look here first.

So use this tip, write the most profitable services at the top right of your price guide. Ask your designer to highlight this information, leaving enough white space around it.
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