4 Benefits of Being a Hair Straightening Salon

Despite the fact that keratin hair straightening is one of the most popular hair treatments nowadays, some salon owners still can’t see the reasons for introducing such a service. In this article, we’ll reveal 4 benefits of becoming a hair straightening salon, keep on reading! 


 1. Keratin treatment is popular. You won’t suffer the lack of clients if you introduce such a treatment in your salon. Many Hollywood stars, beauty influencers, fashionistas and those who just want to look their best choose keratin straightening.

 2. It’s VERY beneficial for you. Keratin treatment will allow you to significantly increase your profit. Just imagine that 1L set which costs $250-290 will allow you to perform up to 20 treatments, the average cost of ONE is $200-400!

 3. It’s not that time-consuming. Traditional keratin treatment indeed requires a certain amount of time (2-4 hours) but express (or one-step) keratin procedure lasts only 1-2 hours! 

 4. Keratin treatment will help you to increase awareness of your salon. New treatment attracts new clients that not just learn more themselves about your salon and its treatments but recommend it to others!

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