4 Common Mistakes Hair Salon Owners Make

1. Becoming the “Star” of your salon

Don’t make a “Star” out of yourself. Your clients have to value not just you but all the other stylists of your salon. Your salon should run smooth even when you’re somewhere away, for example, you can go on vacation and still make money. Besides, if someday you’d like to sell your business, the buyer will know for sure that when you leave, all of the salon’s clients aren’t leaving with you.

2. Working in your business rather than on your business

Like it or not, but being a salon owner means being a businessman (businesswoman) rather than the artist. This step has changed your role. Now you have not only care about your clients and their hairdos but you also have to work on different problems and only spend some free time with some time with clients as a reward for your good work.

3. Not having a marketing strategy or not measuring marketing returns

Today finding a “hot spot”, putting your sign on the door, and waiting for the clients to come is definitely not enough. It’s all about the competition today. You should have a good marketing strategy. 

However, if you just have a strategy, it’s not enough. It has to be executed, it has to be measured and analyzed. Ask every single client how they learned about you. Write it all down. Do research on what can help you to attract more customers.

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