4 Pro Tips On Getting Your Shiniest Hair

Beautiful hair is shiny hair. The world-famous stylist, Jamal Hammadi from Los Angeles, who works with Hollywood stars, shares the secret of beautiful shining curls.

Jamal hair care tips:

1) When people ask me how to make hair shiny, I always wonder what kind of life my client leads, how he eats and what products he uses. In the diet should be a lot of protein and vegetables, because the iron contained in them is extremely important for hair shine. Vitamin E is also important - it is found in foods such as avocados, berries and nuts. Add these foods to your diet.

2) Mirror shine comes from the depths of the hair. To do this, each strand must radiate health from the inside. That is why every hair needs nutrition. It is necessary to wash the hair with a suitable shampoo and moisturizing conditioner with balsam, which provide adequate hair nourishment.

2) After washing, rinse the hair with cold water: the cuticle will harden, the hair will retain more moisture and will be shiny.

3) Cut the split ends regularly. This is one of the most important factors in the well-groomed appearance of hair.
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