4 Super Easy Warm Weather Hairstyles

Summer is almost gone, but you know that August is still the hottest month of the year, so you have some time to rock these 4 super easy hairstyles! Check them out in this article!

1. Divide hair into five strands of equal size. Take three strands in the middle, make braids, and fix the braids with thin elastic scrunchies. Combine them into one low bun, picking up the side strands, and secure everything with hairpins.

2. Make a straight vertical parting in the center of the head, and then five more horizontal partings on each side, so you get ten more or less identical hair strands. Fix each strand with a scrunchie or hair clip. Twist each left and right strand into buns and tie them into as many simple knots as the length of the hair allows. Hide some messy strands with hairpins (it is not necessary to make this hairstyle look extremely neat).

3. Divide hair into four zones: top, bottom, and two side zones. Take the bottom one and make a high ponytail, fix it with a scrunchie. Put together the top and bottom zones and make a more voluminous ponytail n. Alternately put together the side zones, wrap the base of the tail with a strand from the side zone, fix it all. Wrap the next side zone up to the base of the ponytail, fix it and pull in the lower zone, making a loop under the ponytail. Fix everything.

4. Make a usual ponytail at the back of the head, secure with a scrunchie. Spread the ponytail and pin it tightly just above the scrunchie. Then lower it and tuck in with hairpins so that you get a kind of a flat envelope. If you want to style your hairstyle in a less strict manner, you can apply a styling gel to your hair before you do the ponytail.
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