4 Traits of a Great Stylist

Have you already found your perfect stylist? You are lucky if you did! What are the top-4 personal traits that a perfect stylist should have? Let’s find it out!

1. Ability to listen. One of the most important qualities ever. Your stylist has to understand what you want from him and consider all your wishes, if possible. Besides, we all know that almost every stylist is somehow a psychologist that listens up to his client and keeps up the conversation.

2. Honesty. Of course, each woman would like to hear that there’s nothing impossible that can be done to her hair. Shifting from black to blonde in 2 hours? No problem! Of course, we’re joking. Get yourself a stylist that will honestly tell you about all the peculiarities of your hair.

3. Responsibility. We bet you know lots of cases when a stylist didn’t want to bear responsibility for a bad haircut or awful hair color. This is the wrong way of communicating with clients! A real professional has the guts to admit his mistakes.

4. Flexibility. A good stylist can easily adapt to new trends, products, devices as well as to new clients, some of which may be not approachable at all. What’s more, flexibility helps a stylist to be creative. A new hair color every 3 months? A new haircut twice a year? No problem at all!

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