5 Autumn Hair Trends You Have To Be Familiar With

Unfortunately, summer can’t last forever, so the autumn is right around the corner. What do you think about top-5 hottest autumn hair trends, would you like to be on top? If yes, then keep on reading!

The most important trend of autumn 2020 is natural hair. When it comes to brunettes, stylists suggest the following hair color options:

1. Frosted chestnut

2. Hot chocolate

3. Deep brown

Remember choosing a hair color according to your skin color. The warmer hair the color is, the warmer your skin tone should be. Designers recommend choosing a single dark hair color, this way brunette shades look the most luxurious and vivid.

Now let’s move on to blondes. The upcoming season is a season of:

4. Warm honey blonde

5. Golden blonde 

The more color hues are there in your hair, the more fashionable the color looks because the illusion of curls burnt out in the sun looks gorgeous even in rainy autumn. Besides, warm shades make a woman look younger. 

As a nice bonus, we will give you some examples of nice colorful hair dyings that will be super popular! What about deep bronze shade? Perhaps, more reddish options? Red and brass hair options are the most royal hair colors that look so nice in autumn! Besides, the boldest women will have an opportunity to choose some deep blue or purple hair options. Don’t be afraid to stand out and make a statement even with your hair color!

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