5 Easy Tips On How To Get Thicker Hair

Thick natural hair seems to be a dream of many women. Indeed, such hair always looks luxurious making men turn their heads and women jealous. What’s the secret of healthy thick hair without dead hair ends? In this article, we’ll give you top-5 easy tips that will help you, keep on reading!

 1. Hair health starts from the inside, so attention to your diet. It should be well-balanced enough. Add more protein-containing food (meat, fish, eggs, nuts). Besides, don’t forget about vitamins A, E, C and D which you can find in fruits and vegetables!

 2. Choose the right hair brush. A low-quality hair brush can even become a cause of hair breakage! Who wants to have dead hair ends?

 3. Give up bad habits. If you have thin hair prone to breakage, it means that you should reconsider your lifestyle in general! Sleep more, give up smoking and do yoga!

 4. Choose special hair thickening hair care products. We recommend you trying keratin shampoo and conditioner.

 5 For the effect that will last several months, we recommend you trying Brasil Cacau Keratin Hair Treatment. Brasil Cacau is an innovative keratin treatment chosen by millions of women! The composition restores and strengthens hair, increasing its shine and elasticity. An additional protective layer eliminates static electricity and smoothes hair cuticles.
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