5 Tips for Avoiding Salon Owner Burnout


1. Not enough sleep: Sleep which lasts less than 6,5 hours slows down your brain activity. As a result, it becomes hard for you to make decisions, memorize something, and concentrate. Regular and healthy sleep will improve the situation.

2. Procrastination: Stop putting off things that you have to do, even if you don’t want to do them. As a result, you will get a ton of things to do and no time for it.  

Learn more about the time management, make a schedule. Find out what you have to do each day and reward yourself after you have completed any difficult task. 

3. Irritation: Being irritable means being stressed out. Relax, breath in. It’s not always people to blame for some troubles. Stop drinking coffee and caffeinated drinks, go to the gym. 

4. Not caring about yourself: Do exercises, visit doctors even if nothing bothers you, watch what you eat. You can’t be healthy, therefore productive if you don’t care about yourself.

5. Realize the problem: Do you have insomnia, feel irritation, can’t focus on a task? Let’s face the truth - it’s burnout. Stop for a while, readdress some tasks, think of your duties. It may be not that easy but it helps. 

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