5 Tips for Preventing No-Show Clients

No-show is one of the most acute problems for salon owners because it not only takes precious time from your stylists but deprives you of the opportunity to get another client who will show up and pay for the procedure! How can you prevent no-shows in your salon? Keep on reading and find it out!
1. Kindly remind your client about the appointment. Many people don’t like talking on the phone. Messages in messengers are the most convenient option. Besides, your receptionist will see that the client has read the message and is acknowledged about the procedure.
2. Find out the needs of the client. When a client first contacts your salon, ask why they chose you. This way you can understand how important your service is to the client. If the client wants to be served by a particular master, the probability of a no-show is much less.
3. Remind the client about the appointment for a second time. Send a follow-up reminder to the client one hour before the visit. Make it less formal so you don't seem too be too pushy to punctual clients.
4. Blacklist clients who don’t show up. Your salon just doesn’t need clients who damage it instead of making it more prosperous.
5. Ask the stylist to tell the client the time of the next visit at the end of the first procedure, so that it becomes clear from the client's reaction whether he is going to show up or not.
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