5 Top Trending Hair Searches of 2022 According to Google

Ok, Google! We can’t but agree that search engines can clearly show the hottest lifestyle trends. Yes, hair trends too! What are the top-5 trending hair searches of this year? Let’s find them out in this article!


 1. Curtain bangs. According to Google, this is the most searched hairstyle at the moment. It’s no surprise as this option of bangs has been super relevant for at least last 2-3 years.

 2. Hair braids. Whoa, it’s the hottest trend of 2022! Baby braids are the ultimate choice of Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Zoe Kravitz and all other fashion pioneers and fashionistas. 

 3. Bottleneck bangs. Another bangs option preferred by such celebrities as Margot Robbie and Alexa Chung. Such bangs are pretty short at forehead, gradually getting longer towards the cheekbones.

 4. Platinum blonde. That’s it. Do we have to say more? It’s all-time classics that will never go out of fashion.

 5. Strawberry highlights. Highlights have been a trend for the last 2 years. However, this season fashionistas prefer warm strawberry hues that look pretty refreshing.

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