5 Ultimate Travel Hair Care Tips from Celebrity Stylist

We love traveling so much! Who doesn’t want to rest on the beach under the hot sun? If you are looking forward to jump into the sea, your hair can be not so positive about it. What can we do with that? 

1 Before the trip cut the split ends: long hair is extremely difficult to “nourish” with nutrients, and the beach season is very stressful for the hair follicles, which will have to work twice as much to maintain a normal level of hair hydration.

2 A short haircut will be an excellent choice - you will not only refresh your image for a vacation but also make your life easier: short hair is much easier to style in “beach” conditions. Besides, it looks so sexy and makes you look younger. 

3 When having a rest by the sea, if possible, try to wear a hat. Salty water and hot dry wind damage your hair. A hat or a cap will protect your hair from the negative impact produced on it due to the weather condition.

4 You can add a few drops of oil suitable for hair care (almond, olive, jojoba) in a shampoo for hair washing and a mask.

5 Use a spray with a UV filter, regularly spray it all over your hair after swimming. Keep in mind that the wind also adversely affects the condition of the hair (especially after swimming at the sea and under the sun), so try to fix the hair with a hairpin.

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