5 ways to earn money for a beauty salon during a crisis

Here’s the advice of the day from us: the main thing is not to panic. First, the only thing worse than clients fleeing from a crisis is a businessman fleeing from a crisis. Secondly, any situation can be assessed differently. If the demand for the services of your salon has declined, we suggest considering non-obvious ways to earn and even develop even in hard times.
1. Shampoo as a gift. One of the options for earning money can be a promotion which is especially relevant if you have unsold stock of goods. Invite customers to schedule an appointment to a particular service and get a discount on cosmetics.
2. Put contracts on hold. What payments can you potentially save on? These are, for example, loan payments, rent payments, utilities. Banks quite easily agree to restructuring, deferment of payments and even credit holidays for business. You can also sign an additional agreement to defer rental payments and even reduce the payment amount.
3. Certificate for the future. Another option to save sales during the crisis is to sell certificates for the future. For example, when paying for three services today, the client receives the fourth as a gift (50% discount on the fourth service, a set of free procedures, etc.).
4. Invited masters. If previously you didn’t consider the possibility of providing workspaces in the salon, today it has become relevant. Calculate the cost of such a lease, give a simple targeted advertising in social networks for beauty masters and wait!
5. Rent out a room for a webinar. One of the options for attracting both finance and clients is the organization of thematic events. You can offer your salon as a space for holding a webinar, master class, lectures and other events.
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