5 Ways to Get Your Client Back

Retention and return of customers is an important task for any beauty salon. How to return a customer? In this article, we will discuss the 5 steps of how to do it.

 Step 1. Create several options for special offers.

 Each former customer has left you for some reason. The perfect option at this stage is to find out the exact reason and ask the former customer about the real reasons for leaving your salon.

 Step 2. Find out who your former customers are and what services they preferred.

 You need to know what kind of people need to be returned to your salon. It is also highly important to know what services they are interested in, in order to be able to make the right offer.

 Step 3. Returning the customers.

The next step is directly working on how to get back former customers. There may be various techniques that can be used in different combinations:

  • Telephone calling;
  • Email newsletter;
  • SMS mailing;
  • Remarketing.

 Step 4. Offer bonuses to the customer that you managed to return.

 Offer your client a discount on services in which he is interested. This will help him to be more loyal to your salon.

 Step 5. Monitor the service quality.

 In order to avoid the repetition of an unpleasant situation, make sure that all the services provided in your salon are performed very well and the stylists are nice and polite.

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