5 Ways to Improve retail revenue within your salon

Spring is the special time of year when everything is awaking and reviving from winter hibernation. Of course, every woman wants to add something new to her look. This is the time when you should not just carefully plan your retail strategy but stock up on the most popular gift sets! How can you make more profit with the help of spring retail? Check out this article and find it out!
1. First of all, we recommend you create a special spring retail area apart from your regular area. Feel free to decorate it with flowers, laces, leaves – everything that creates the amazing fresh spring atmosphere! However, don’t be way too pushy with that as the most of your clients walk into your salon for the treatments but not for buys.
2. You can make specula Easter gift sets, for example! Combine keratin shampoo and conditioner or products for home care and treatment!
3. Next, make sure you are stocked on different products. Gift sets sell out very quickly from suppliers, so stock up in advance in order for your retail area to look its best!
5. Don’t be afraid to show your beautiful gift sets in your windows in order to catch the eye of the passers-by. Make your display look really attractive and spring-like. We’re sure that such amazing keratin treatment and botox hair treatment sets prepared by you will be the perfect gifts!
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