7 quick salon marketing ideas

Make your own product. Making your own salon product, for example, shampoo or conditioner can help enhance your power in the industry.

Ask for referrals from your loyal customers. Word-of-mouth advertising plays an important role in any business success.

Make everyone learn about it. Establish relations with a journalist from your local newspaper and ask them to write a compelling article about your beauty salon.

Form joint ventures. Establish relations with another related company that can promote your services to their clients, as you can do the same for them. It’s a mutually profitable relationship.

Take part in national events. Promote yourself at the national level. Cut-A-Thon is a perfect way to show that you are caring, and build your customer base.

Send coupons. If you’ve just started your business, you will probably like the idea of sending out a mailer with a coupon or a reduced price service for new visitors. Increase your customer base with direct marketing (which is also cost-friendly).

Knowledge is power. Provide students of your local colleges with special discounts (an underserved market).
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