7 Simple and Cool Styling Tips for Those Who Grow Their Hair

Growing hair isn’t an easy task as it requires not just patience but extra hair care and a new attitude to hair styling. In this article, we will give you several useful tips on how you can style your hair beautifully and safely while growing it. Keep on reading! 
1. Pin the outgrown strands. If you have strands that are way too short to tie them up but and the same time way too long to leave them hanging loosely, you can try to pin them. Hairpins will become an essential part of your style for the period as you grow your hair.
2. Part your hair closer to one side of the forehead, just above the center of the eye. Then tuck some of the hair to the side and pin it with a Bobby pin. After that secure your hairstyle with some hairspray.
3. Try hair gel and mousse. These hair products will help you style your hair when it starts to look messy. Experiment with a few different products until you find one that suits you.
4. Apply hair wax or pomade in order to make a matte texture on your hair. Take a product, squeeze a pea-sized drop onto your fingers, and apply the product to your hair, working from the roots way down the entire length.
5. In order to keep your hair looking wet and shiny, apply a styling gel. Squeeze a drop of the product on your fingers and apply it to the hair starting from the roots.
6. Hair mousses are very useful for people with curly hair and those who just want to add volume to their hair. Squeeze some mousse onto your hand and apply it on about 2/3 of your hair length, starting at the ends (do not apply the product to the scalp), then turn your head and repeat the same steps on the other side.
7. Tie a knot at the crown of your head. Gather your hair in the front and tie it in a knot, but leave the hair at the sides or back to hang loosely. This is an easy solution for those who want to get their hair out of their face and forehead and don't like bangs.
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