7 Stages of the Sales Cycle

Do you know what sales cycle is in general and how to use it for the benefit of your salon? If you have no idea, keep on reading this article!

Well, a sales cycle is a certain sequence of actions or events that you have to keep up with in order to sell either a product or a service. The sales cycle can be a pretty useful thing for the beauty salon industry. Let’s move on to its stages.

  1. Identify a potential customer. Before selling something you should know who will buy it.
  2. Contact your potential customers. You are free to use any communication channel. Choose the one which your target audience likes and actively uses.
  3. At this stage make sure that you contact people who can actually buy what you offer. Check whether they are actually interested in purchasing your product or service.
  4. Present your product. This is the most important stage. Demonstrate how the use of your product will simplify the life of the potential customer.
  5. Overcome the customer’s hesitancy. At first, the customer may have some questions and doubts, as he’s not fully familiar with the product or service, so he doesn’t fully trust you.
  6. Close the sale. Remember that you are a salesman. You should find the moment when you’ll have to say: “Alright, can we move to paperwork, so I can arrange a delivery for you?”
  7. Wait. Let the customer enjoy the product or service, so later on, you can politely ask him if he has any friends or colleagues that might be interested in what you offer as well.
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