7 Ways to Show Your Clients Love

As a beauty salon that always cares about its clients, you have to express your love to them every day. Some beauty owners say that it’s really hard and expensive sometimes, as it requires much effort and money. In this article, we will dispel all myths created by lazy (and not caring) salon owners and tell you 7 ways of showing your ultimate love to the clients. Let’s go!


  1. Small gifts. It’s always nice, even if you give something small and insignificant. Choose some care products or accessories that will suit everyone.


  1. Discounts and promos. One of the best ways to show your care to the clients. These can be different discounts for a birthday week, students, new clients...


  1. Coffee, tea, and chocolates. Of course, we know that you already have it all, but is it of good quality, not bought at the sale in the nearby supermarket?


  1. Uniform. Pay attention to the uniform of your staff. Is it new and clean? If no, change it as soon as possible!


  1. Flowers. A nice bouquet of flowers at the reception will get your clients into a romantic and relaxed mood. Choose hypoallergenic flowers!


  1. Clients feedback. Encourage your clients to share their experience of your salon via social networks or your website. This way you can see either they are satisfied or it is time for you to change something.


  1. Exclusive procedures. Make a certain procedure a jewel of your salon. For example, it can be Brasil Cacau Keratin Straightening. Its unique formula is widely known all around the world for its effectiveness and long-lasting effect. Up to 6 months of perfect smoothness, what a dream!
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