8 Myths About Haircare

Many women don’t even think about how many mistakes they make in their haircare routine. However, there are so many myths that seem to be true! We are sure that you believe at least several of the below-mentioned hair care myths. What are those myths? Check out this article to find them all out!
Myth #1. The more often you cut your hair, the faster it will grow. False! Since the hair grows not from its end, but out of the root, the haircut does not affect the growth speed in any way.
Myth #2. Natural hair drying is better than a using hairdryer. Natural hair drying can damage you hair, if you go to bed with your hair being wet.
Myth #3. Hair gets used to shampoo. That’s not right. Everything depends on your physical condition as well as on your lifestyle, season, diet, but not the shampoo.
Myth #4. Dry scalp is the main reason for dandruff. False! Dandruff is caused by bacteria.
Myth #5. Split hair ends can be restored. No, they can be neither glued nor restored. You can only cut them off. If you don’t do it, the hair will keep on splitting and as the result, you will have to cut it.
Myth #6. Frequent hair brushing has a positive effect on the hair. Too frequent brushing distributes sebum from the scalp through the hair, and it gets oily much faster.
Myth #7. Proper hair care will make your hair thicker. If genetically you have thin hair, no procedure can make it thick from the inside.
Myth #8. The more often you wash your hair, the thicker it becomes. Just like the hair color and curliness, hair thickness as well as the amount of sebum produced by hair scalp is predetermined genetically.
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