Activate Your Already Existing Network

Want to attract new clients to your salon? Make the old ones recommend it to their friends! Recommendations from others are one of the most powerful things if you want to attract new clients to your salon.

When somebody recommended a client to visit your salon, he is not a “cold” client anymore and gains his trust is much easier.

Use your existing private network if you don’t have a solid client base yet. Provide your services to the family and friends. This way you can get early and honest feedback on what is good in your salon and what should be fixed.

Make sure that all of your friends and relatives know about your salon. You are a businessman, so don’t be shy! Use all of your social networks accounts – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest. Make sure all of your followers know about your salon.

Ask your friends and family to tell some other people about your salon. Use the “elevator pitch”. This is a very short story (usually lasting about 30 seconds) that mentions the interesting things about your salon and captures people’s attention. Say what’s unique about the salon, what special services you offer. Learn by heart and rehearse your speech.

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