Advertising of a beauty salon. Where to start

It’s not enough to be a professional in the beauty sphere and open a salon with qualified stylists. You need to make sure that people know about you and want to come to your salon. However, how can you advertise a beauty salon, where should you start? What is the most effective advertisement for a beauty salon? There are so many methods of attracting customers that it’s very easy to go to one of two extremes: use either too little or too much advertising. It’s either you limit your ads to just booklets at the subway and recommendations from customers, or literally use all possible advertising methods and waste a lot of money. As you can easily guess, neither one nor the other works. Effective advertising of a beauty salon isn’t a very complicated matter, but it needs a systematic approach. Here are the most effective advertising means for beauty salons. 1. Cooperate with influencers. Nowadays they work better than any advertising agency. Check the most popular ones in your city and contact them! 2. Leaflets, TV and radio ads are as old as time but anyway all of them still work! Everything depends on the format of your salon. Such ways of advertising are suitable for family beauty salons or economy class beauty salons.  3. Inform about discounts and promotions via newsletters. Inform customers about current promotions. Besides, it’s a good idea to link to a Facebook page or a website with detailed terms and conditions. 4. Word of mouth is a great source of attracting new salon customers. Despite all modern promotions means, word of mouth still works well.
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