African American Women’s Hair Issues

African American hair is quite a special issue. Lots of African American women say that their hair is very dry, dull and brittle. In this article, we will determine the most popular issues of such hair and ways of their solution.


  1. Dryness. Try to wash your hair once a week. The oftener you do this, the more sebum and natural moisture you wash off your hair. Using a special shampoo for ethnic hair is another one good tip. If you have no opportunity to use special hair products, just use deeply moisturizing shampoo together with the conditioner.


  1. Frizz. Try out co-washing. A couple of years ago it was a very popular trend, which nowadays is unjustly displaced by lots of new hair products and procedures. The essence of this method is simple: you wash your hair using the conditioner instead of your shampoo. This method eliminates frizz and makes the hair much more manageable.


  1. Curls. In fact, it’s not an issue but many women say that their curls are completely unmanageable. Curls are typical for African American hair. They are small, elastic and usually look like little coils. What can be done? We can recommend keratin straightening, such as Brasil Cacau. It’s suitable for African American hair, providing perfect hair smoothness, straightness, and restoration. The effect lasts 3-6 months.
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