Amazing Benefits of Brasil Cacau Keratin Treatment

Measures to restore the structure of the curls is an effective method of solving the problem of damaged and lifeless strands. Even girls with very curly curls often come to the hairdresser with a request to improve their hair with the help of keratin straightening.

Some of the main advantages of the procedure should be noted:

The use of natural ingredients - keratin, protein, nutrients;

Improving the structure of the hair inside and out;

Nutrition for curls with keratin and for their recovery;

Prevention of thinning, breakage and tangling of the strands, as well as the cross-section of the tips;

Protection from negative environmental factors;

Resistance to harmful components of styling products and styling tools;

Easy combing;

Smoothness, silkiness, shine and moisture of the curls;

Reducing the effects of staining, highlighting, bleaching and perm;

The ability to use styling tools within a few days after the procedure;

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful appearance of hair for up to 5-6 months.
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