Are customers leaving for competitors? Learn how to avoid this!

Every business at some point faces not only the influx of customers, but also their loss. This is an unpleasant, but quite natural process for the development of any company including beauty salon. What should you do in order for your customers to be loyal to you? Check it out in this article!

1. Analyze customer churn

To understand how to prevent an increase in customer churn, you need to know what exactly causes customers to leave you for your competitors. The best way to get this information is to interview some of your clients who have left you: you should ask them why they refused to use your services, why they chose another beauty salon. 

2. Personalize the customer experience

Every customer wants to feel special in your salon, even realizing that many other people use your services. It’s important for them to be known and remembered. The client doesn’t necessarily want to receive free products or services, he just hopes to be noticed among other visitors.

Personalized mailings can positively affect the customer's attitude towards you. It’s important that the text of the message indicates certain qualities of the client that distinguish him from others.

 3. Use an effective loyalty program

Every modern beauty salon should work with a loyalty program, it helps the company not only reward regular customers with bonuses, but also increases sales, and helps to expand the number of users, highlighting them as special customers. Loyalty program increases the attractiveness of the salon, highlighting it from the list of competitors who don’t have such a program.

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