Are You Prepared to Deal With Post-Lockdown Hair Clients?

Just imagine that there are tens or even hundreds of clients that are dreaming of you touching up their hair after the lockdown... Sounds a little bit overwhelming, isn’t it? A few months without practicing can affect your skills and increase the time needed for a single client appointment. So, what are the most common hair issues that clients have after quarantine?

 1. Overgrown hair roots. First of all, contact your clients who you know have such an issue and ask them if they would like to try something new just like root stretch or ombré to fix the situation. If they prefer to stick up to classic root dyeing, then make sure you have enough tools, such as foil, lighteners, and hair dyes.

 2. Damaged hair. We are sure that you have some pretty inpatient clients that always do some procedures themselves at home. However, the results of them are often pretty horrible. You have to individually examine each case of damaged hair and find out the reason for the damage and possible solutions.

 3. Fringe cuts

You know, lockdown is quite a boring thing and lots of people are looking for inspiration in social media. One of the lockdown trends is the fringe cut videos. Lots of celebrities and bloggers make such videos where they cut the fringe using kitchen scissors. Thus, you may surprisingly find out that some of your clients have tried this trend and now you have to fix what they did!
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