At the top of your list: the most demanded hair services lately

The spring is right around the corner, thus, each lady wants her locks to look amazing. Soon we’ll be leaving warm hats at home while proudly flaunting our gorgeous hair. That’s why some of salon hair services have become on demand lately. Which ones? Let’s find it out in today’s article!

 1. Keratin treatment. This is a long-lasting treatment with a cumulative effect. Timely repeat it for the best result ever! Try Brazil Cacau keratin straightening! It improves the structure of the hair, saturating it with keratin and covering it with a protective layer of protein. An additional protective layer eliminates static electricity as well! No more dead hair ends!

 2. Botox hair treatment. It’s a procedure that is aimed at overall hair restoration and hydration with the anti-frizz effect. This treatment is the choice of ladies who want to tame their locks and improve their structure without making them completely straight. 

 3. Hair lamination. Lamination is a good treatment for weak, dull, thin, and damaged hair, especially if you have dead hair ends. The procedure effect can last up to six weeks. Besides, many lamination compositions are suitable for ladies with weak hair.

 4. Hair dyeing. Of course, who doesn’t want to refresh their hair color before spring! However, be attentive while choosing the beauty salon and the stylist - make sure that the treatment is performed only with the use of high-quality dyes, and your stylists knows how make the final result amazing!

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