Automation of processes in the salon business

What beauty salon owner doesn't want their business to function like a powerful machine? With a clear schedule, strict material consumption, excellent sales and perfect relationships with suppliers and clients. How can you achieve this? With the help of automation of salon processes!
1. Client accounting. Automation of accounting in a beauty salon will not only save and organize customer data, but also make it easier to find the right data when needed. Modern programs for beauty salon accounting automation allow you to save not only the first name, last name and phone number of your client, but also the source of attraction (which is very useful in order to track the effectiveness of a particular ad campaign), the history of visits and purchases, information about personal discounts and customer cards, as well as other information.
2. Schedule. In an automated beauty salon, the receptionist who makes an appointment for the client, sees not just a calendar, but an interactive space where all the necessary information is available in one or two clicks. This is convenient for both the receptionist and the client, who doesn’t have to wait until the receptionists finds out if the master is free on the required day.
3. Accounting for employees and salaries. In programs for managing a beauty salon, each employee has a card in which you can specify his passport data, contract information, work schedule, salary formula, and much more. If the functionality allows, you can even provide for bonuses for selling goods or recommending the services of another employee. That’s the whole personnel department in one tab of the program!
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