Autumn 2020 Trendy Hairstyles

Autumn seems to be the trendiest hair season! It’s not super hot but it’s not that cold so we don’t have to wear hats and caps and hide our hair. Thus, autumn is the perfect season to flaunt your best hairstyles! What are the trendiest 2020 hairstyles? In this article, we have chosen the best trends from designers and celebrity hairstylists. Check them out now!

Hairstyles. You have plenty to choose from! Stylists offer a great variety of different hairdos.

1. ‘60s style high ponytail. The '60s style high ponytail is becoming more and more popular. This means a very high and voluminous ponytail right on top of the head.

  2. Side parting. The traditional middle parting hasn’t lost its popularity yet. However, for those who don't like it, there is some good news. A side parting is also very relevant both on voluminous and smooth hair.

 3. Wet hairstyles. Even in the winter season, the wet hairstyles trend remains very popular.

  4. Laconic short bob. Bob is one of the most popular hairstyle trends at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. As a rule, you can see short and laconic versions of this haircut on celebrities.

The #1 trend in hair color is naturalness. If you are brunette, choose vivid chocolate and chestnut shades. Blondes have the following options: honey blonde, beach blonde, and total blonde. Deep red and brass hair is the hottest trend! Remember that the more color hues there are in your hair, the more trendy the whole color looks!
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