Back to work: how to work effectively after the holidays?

At the very beginning of January, there is usually a dead season in beauty salons. Clients have been actively booking the appointments before New Year. On holidays they have a rest – both from work and even beauty routines. At the same time, hairstylists inevitably feel more relaxed and slow down, but we know that the dead season won’t last long… In this article we’ll tell you how to return to working regime correctly and not feel overwhelmed, keep on reading!

First of all, you need to talk to your staff and motivate them. The holidays are over, which means more customers and more creative tasks! Tell your employees about the new products and services that you are going to introduce. Perhaps you have some plans for training courses for your team — this may also encourage them to be more productive! 

You can also try to simulate friendly competition among the stylists. Such a competition can be aimed at specific actions, for example, to increase the average bill or revenue for the day. Each employee chooses their own methods to achieve the goal – proper communication with customers, activity in social networks, attracting visitors with promotions. This can be especially useful in order to revive the salon after a festive hibernation!

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