Beautiful Business = marketing business: how to stop losing and start retaining customers

Regular customers are the backbone of any beauty salon. These guests bring profit to the whole business. According to statistics, retaining a loyal audience is 5-12 times (!) cheaper than attracting new customers. The main thing is to understand how to properly retain loyal clients. In this article, we’ll give you top-5 tips, don’t miss it out!
1. Nice atmosphere. Clients of beauty salons adore sophistication and comfort. There are many different interior styles and ideas for the original design. Choose the one that you and the team like, and then just keep the rooms clean and tidy. Clean beauty salon with a sophisticated interior and a friendly atmosphere is a key to success!
2. First impression. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Research shows that customers make decision about whether they like particular beauty salon or not within the first 7 seconds. Train your staff on how to treat customers correctly, and half the job is done!
3. Photo zone. Creating a small area for photos and videos in the salon is a great idea! Make sure that the photo zone looks aesthetically pleasing, and “instagrammable”. This will encourage salon guests to make posts from your salon on their Instagram accounts.
4. Unique cosmetics. Try to get original, and most importantly, high-quality products. Give your customers a sense of specialty, and earn more because such products are also profitable to sell.
5. Play with the audience. Adults love games too, just remember casinos and bets which are popular all over the world. However, if these games aren’t beneficial, then competitions in beauty salons can be very useful. You can run multiple completions on social networks. Instagram will work best as the target audience for hair salons loves visual content.
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