Beauty Salon Bonus System

The bonus system on a beauty salon is somehow similar to the discount system, with the only difference that instead of discounts, you give the client bonus points for his purchases. This option can be profitable not just for a client but for you as well! Keep on reading this article and learn how to introduce the right bonus system in your beauty salon!
One of the options for the bonus system may be the introduction of a program in which one bonus point will be equal to one dollar (1 point = 1 dollar). Then, instead of a 10% discount, you give the client 10% of the order amount in the form of bonus points. For example, the order amount is 100 dollars, then with 10% bonuses, you give the client 10 points (which is equal to 10 dollars).
After that, the client can use bonuses to pay for services during the next visits. He can receive the best hair treatments for damaged hair at advantageous prices thanks to the bonus system.
As a salon owner, you can either allow points to be spent on any services and goods or limit this list. You can only figure this out by testing different options - what your customers respond better to, and what is more advantageous for you in terms of salon profit.
In fact, any discounts and discount promotions can be converted into bonuses.
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