Beauty salon marketing: how to make it successful in 2023?

Who doesn’t want to have as many clients as possible? If previously salon owners had to follow several simple rules that used to work without any major problems, then situation completely changed in 2023! Check out this article and find out how you can attract clients with the help of the right marketing!

There are three components of the effective beauty salon marketing:

1. Your marketing offer or ad text. In order for it to work effectively, it should have the following components (not just your offer and a nice picture - it doesn’t work in 2023!):

 - name 

 - offer

 - restriction or limit 

 - call to action

 - guarantee 

 - reviews

2. Delivery channels or how a message reaches a potential customer:

 - Outdoor advertising — signage, pillars. This is not the best option, as it’s aimed only at random passers-by

 - Word of mouth is a great channel used by all beauty salons

 - Beauty salon website, promotion, contextual advertising

 - Newsletters 

 - Mass media — newspapers, magazines, radio, television, leaflets, souvenirs

3. The target audience, or rather the correspondence of the marketing offer to your target audience

The third important aspect that you should consider when doing advertising is your target audience or your customers.

The main goal that you should pursue when advertising: the client should have a feeling that you offer is exactly what they need right now!

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