Beauty salon stylists: how to find and hire a real professional

Entrepreneurs who open a beauty salon often wonder where they can find a good hairstylist. A professional team is one of the main factors in the success of the beauty salon, that’s why hiring a true professional isn’t easy.

So, a hairstylist in a beauty salon is not an employee who knows how to cut and dye hair as well as how to perform a hair smoothing treatment. A real professional can do so much more than all the above-stated things. Clients are looking for someone who will transform them and inspire them to look at themselves in a new way.

As a rule, there are three main sources of recruiting:

  - magazines, newspapers, websites where applicants post their CVs;
  - recommendations of your friends and colleagues;
  - schools where professional hairstylists are trained.

We’d like to tell you about the last option more. In such schools, you can talk straight to students or even graduates. You can also leave leaflets there with an offer to your future employees. As a rule, owners of beauty salons prefer this source of recruiting, that is, they cooperate with schools that train hairstylists. This method of searching for employees is good because such institutions are interested in cooperation since they have certain obligations to students: they should help their graduates to find jobs after the course. If you can offer suitable working conditions for a new professional in your beauty salon, then you won't have to look for a good employee for a long time.

If you need a really good hairstylist in a beauty salon, don't pay attention to the age of the applicant. Of course, many salon owners will have doubts that a young girl with no work experience won’t be able to make wonderful haircuts. In reality, things are a little different. Remember, a hairstylist is an artist, not just a person to follow instructions. This means that professional top stylists with many years of experience can make worse haircuts than a young girl who is just starting to work in this sphere.
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