Best Promotion Practices of 2020 for Your Clients

Discounts and promotions! Can you say that you know a single person who doesn’t like these things? They mean that now you can get your favorite product or procedure for a lower price. In this article, we have collected the best promotion practices of 2020, which are widely used by the owners of the best hair and beauty salons

First of all, you should develop your accounts on social networks and messengers. There are so many platforms nowadays: Instagram, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp and so much more. Some people use only messengers, some prefer social networks, so you can notify many more people if you have several accounts of your salon! 

Secondly, provide an exclusive 10-15% discount on the products which you used in order to do the hair of your client in the salon. If he likes the result, tell him that in your salon he can buy the same products that you used at a favorable price!

Thirdly, give discounts to those who repost your posts on different social media. It can be just a little 5% discount, but it will show people that you care for them and want them to try your service. The same applies to people who tag your salon in their posts, for example, on Instagram. 

Show your clients that you are happy when they come to your salon and get their favorite procedures at the best price!
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