Bold and casual: 3 multi-layered haircuts for everyday

If your natural hair is healthy, it means that you can rock any hairstyle and haircut you want. Keratin hair treatment and botox hair treatment will make your hair silky and prepare it for any experiments! What are the 3 trendy multi-layered haircuts for every day? Check out this article and find it out!

1. Shaggy haircut 

This is one of the most popular multi-layered haircuts which looks great on curly and textured hair. Short strands are located around the crown area, and then they gradually get longer. The peculiarity of the haircut is the soft yet messy layering.

 2. Invisible layers

In the past, layers of any haircut were very rough. They were laying on top of each other which often looked at least ridiculous. Now such excessively straight lines aren’t popular, because such option is very old-fashioned. The invisible smooth layers are what many fashionistas choose: the stylist makes hair ends really thin, so when one layer is laid on another, it’s almost invisible and there are no straight lines.

While haircut with invisible layers suits all hair types and lengths, this option still looks best with loose strands around the face or on longer hair – it gives this haircut dynamic and natural volume.

 3. Unmatching layers

Unmatching layers aren’t smooth – they are more definite. A somewhat exaggerated example of such a haircut could be seen at the Prada fashion show, where Guido Palau, the super famous hairstylist cut the hair of the models (they were wearing wigs) at the level of the cheekbones while leaving rather long, straight strands on the back of the head. 

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