Brasil Cacau for blonde hair: can blondes use it?

We know that blondes especially care about their locks, knowing how vulnerable they are. That’s why our gorgeous blondes often ask us if they can use Brasil Cacau treatment. Find out all the answers in our today’s article! 

Of course you can use Brasil Cacau as an ultimate haircare treatment for your blonde locks! Keratin helps to fill the hair from the inside and smooth out the outside. Therefore, keratin hair treatment is perfect for improving the condition of blonde hair!

We recommend trying Brasil Cacau! It’s a professional keratin treatment for curly hair presented by Cadiveu professionals. This product is suitable for all hair types, especially curly and wavy hair. The composition including keratin, cacao, and D-panthenol restores the hair by increasing its strength and elasticity, improving the hair structure, saturating the hair with keratin, and covering it with a protective layer of protein.

However, there are some important peculiarities that our dearest blondes should always consider: 

 - We don’t recommend you use keratin treatment right after the bleaching or hair dyeing. Wait for at least 3 weeks (1 month will be perfect). 

 - Don’t use keratin treatment on super weak brittle locks - in this case it’s better to cut such hair off. 

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