Brasil Cacau is the hair treatment that tames frizz and repairs damaged hair

A Brazilian blowout or a Brazilian keratin treatment
In comparison to a Brazilian keratin treatment, Brazilian blowouts make your hair manageable just after the application.

As for Keratin treatments, they are accompanied with strict care requirements: after the procedure you are supposed to wait 72 hours to wash your hair, besides, it’s forbidden to use any hair accessories for the same period of time.

If you chose a Brazilian blowout, you are free to wash, dry or style your locks immediately after getting the service in the salon.

Hairdressers usually get hair ready for the procedure by washing and drying it. Brazilian blowouts can use a certain keratin solution to restore processed hair that tends to breakage. The treatment fills gaps and cracks on strands making the hair surface soft and smooth. A Brazilian blowout can repulse extra water absorption which leads to frizz.

After applying the keratin the hair is blow dried. Then, procedure providers seal the keratin to the hair with the help of a flat-iron. The treatment usually takes from an hour to an hour and half.

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