Brasil Cacau keratin is the best choice for your salon

What is a keratin straightening in general? Keratin hair straightening is a procedure during which a product with a high content of synthesized keratin is applied to the hair strands. Keratin itself is a protein from which our body "builds" hair and nails.

Brasil Bacau Keratin Straightening is a professional line of hair care products. The three-component complex includes an anti - residue shampoo, the main keratinizing product itself, as well as a final moisturizing mask. Together this set makes a whole keratin straightening procedure. You can purchase Brasil Cacau as a professional hairstylist for your clients, or just for multiple home use. The Brasil Cacau complex is the best set keratin straightening and hair restoration products, treating the hair with maximum tenderness and providing perfect protection against negative factors.

Brasil Cacau is perfect in the following cases:

* if your hair is curly or fluffy

* after hair dyeing and perming

* for hair that has lost its natural elasticity and shine

* for porous hair

* for damaged hair

The whole procedure contains:

* Anti Residue Shampoo (Cleansing Shampoo) - deeply cleanses and opens up the hair cuticles, which contributes to the penetration of active ingredients. 

* Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction (Thermal Reconstructor) - creates the effect of natural smoothing, makes hair healthy, straight and shiny.

* Deep Conditioning Mask (Finishing mask) - nourishes and moisturizes hair without weighting.

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