Brasil Cacau - No effect! What could I do wrong?

Brasil Cacau can be called a #1 keratin treatment on the market. It is trusted by millions of women all over the world, including celebrities. However, in rare cases, the results of keratin treatment are not satisfying at all. We are always here to help you, so check out the list of reasons why anything could go wrong.


 - Check the product kit. The three-component complex includes the anti - residue shampoo, the thermal reconstructor, as well as the final deep conditioning mask. Make sure that you have them all and you used all of them in the right sequence: the shampoo - the hair reconstructor - the mask. 


 - There are several recommendations before the procedure that you should take into account, as they are quite important! 

Firstly, 14 days before keratin hair straightening, you should dye your hair if you regularly do it. If you do it right before the procedure, the hair dye will negatively affect the keratin effect. Secondly, use Brazil Cacau anti - residue shampoo as the residue on your can’t be washed away with your regular shampoo. Did you follow these rules before the procedure?


 - Check the temperature of your flat iron. Perhaps it is not enough for your hair type.  Set the temperature at 190 ° for blonde hair and at 220 or 230 ° for natural colored or dark hair.


We hope we helped you to understand what could go wrong in order for you to avoid this mistake in the future. Take care!


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